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Affordable Housing / Homelessness  

Agassiz     Sample
Area IV     Sample
Avon Hill     Sample
Biking     Sample
Cambridgeport     Sample 1   Sample 2
City-wide     Sample
Crime     Sample
Dogs     Sample
East Cambridge     Sample
Emergency Preparedness     Sample
Energy / Environment     Sample
Foundry     Sample
License Commission     Sample
Lower Commons     Sample
Master Planning     Sample
Mid-Cambridge     Sample
Noise     Noise
North Cambridge     Sample
Parking     Sample
Pedestrian     Sample
Privacy and Cameras     Sample
Riverside     Sample
Schools     Sample
Traffic     Sample 1   Sample 2
Trees     Sample
Wellington-Harrington     Sample

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The email lists
I often get information at Council meetings, from neighborhood groups or on-line that you might be interested in. There's a variety of email lists, so you can get only the information you're most interested in. I typically send a few emails to each list per month. You can check out some sample emails from years past to get a sense of what I send and, if you like them, let me know which lists you'd like to be on.

Want a new email list?
If you have ideas for a list, please feel free to let me know. If there's enough interest, I'll put one together.

I send these emails via blind copy, so unless I make a mistake no one should get your email address. And I won't share my lists with anyone.