Traffic email — sample 2

From: Craig Kelley [] Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 11:26 PM Subject: Traffic Calming on Council's Monday night agenda


I put in the following Order about traffic calming for Monday night. Some of you love traffic calming, some of you, like me, think much of what we do is of dubious value with sometimes significant downsides, and others fall in between. Regardless, it seems like we ought to make sure we're reviewing what works and what doesn't work and trying to learn from both.

It'd be great if folks could come speak about this issue on Monday night. Public comment starts a bit after 5:30. You can also email the Council at

Thanks a lot.



Policy Order Resolution

June 15, 2009

WHEREAS: The City's street improvement projects often include traffic-calming devices such as curb extensions, raised intersections and chicanes; and

WHEREAS: It is not readily apparent to many people that these traffic-calming devices make our streets safer, as cars turn widely around curb extensions and drivers may focus more on road obstructions rather than pedestrians; and

These traffic-calming devices can cost tens of thousands of dollars, create problematic street drainage patterns, lead to an increase in noise from vehicles bumping over raised devices or slowing down and then accelerating when negotiating the devices and decrease the availability of on-street parking; now therefore be it

That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to report back to the City Council about any studies, ongoing or conducted in the past, that analyze the effectiveness of the City's traffic-calming program and analyze the potential problems such as flooding, loss of parking and safety hazards posed by the City's traffic-calming devices.

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