Telecommunications email — sample

Subject: A brief video about 5G technology
From: "Kelley, Craig"
Date: 7/5/2019 1:22 AM
To: "Kelley, Craig"

Hey Everyone:

This Youtube video may strike some as alarmist but it is a pretty good, and short, overview of some of the placement challenges we face when thinking about wireless technology and how the supremacy of federal law can impact local powers in a variety of ways.

You can learn more about 5G technology here, but the basic idea is that it is way faster than 4G technology (I may be the only one who has found that faster technology does not necessarily help anything else in my life move faster, with better consistency or improved results….). The transmission antennas have to be placed in a lot of places to get the coverage needed which means that there can be tension when people see one of these small transmission cells suddenly pop up on a pole or wall near their home. In addition to concerns about radiation (which I don’t understand well enough except to say that there is a wide variety of opinions about how dangerous they are, or are not), the fans can be bothersome if located too close to one’s home. What, ultimately, we’ll be able to do to guide transmitter placement at a local level is not yet clear to me, but understanding the general context of this discussion seems like a useful thing.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.


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