Noise email — sample

From: Craig Kelley []
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 10:13 PM

Subject: Noisy Cars and Motorcycles on Council's Monday Night Agenda


I thought you might be interested in this issue. Loud cars and motorcycles drive me, and many others, crazy. In fact, there is data (and lots of published reports) on how noise can have a negative impact on one's health. The twist is, we actually have laws and regulations that are intended to limit this noise nuisance, but they seem to be rarely, if ever, enforced. With enough public pressure, that lack of consistent and effective enforcement might change. If you'd like to speak on it Monday night, public comment starts at 5:30 PM at City Hall (you can also sign up between 9 and 3 on Monday at 349-4280). And you can email the whole Council at

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Policy Order Resolution

April 13, 2009

WHEREAS: There are state laws limiting motorcycle exhaust noise and there are City regulations allowing enforcement actions against overly loud vehicles; and

Overly loud motorcycles and cars tend to increase in number during the warmer weather, with a resulting negative impact on the general public enjoyment of our public ways, sidewalks and private property; now therefore be it

That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to report back to the City Council prior to the final June meeting on the City's plans to enforce relevant laws about noise from motorcycles and loud cars to help ensure that these problematic vehicles do not continue to have a negative impact on the quality of life in Cambridge.

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