Cambridgeport email — sample 2

From: Craig Kelley []
Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 10:30 AM
Subject: Possible Plans for the former Police Station in Central Square


I just learned that the City has started investigating the possible renovation of the Central Square police station into offices for the Cambridge Housing Authority, the Community Learning Center, the Cambridge Multi-Service Center and, perhaps, some room for community space. CHA would own the building, and get some rental income from its tenants.

At this point, things are very much in the preliminary stage. An architectural firm will look at the building and figure out how much work needs to be done to allow the proposed uses to move into a LEED certified, handicap-accessible, hazard mitigated (possible asbestos in the building) structure. The initial thinking is that this could be a 10-11 million dollar project, and that money would come from a combined pot of CHA funs, stimulus money, city money, grants and so forth. Things are made more complicated by the historic nature of the building.

How the City would transfer the property to CHA (which I believe would require Council approval) would have to be worked out as well.

Remember- for right now, this is very preliminary. The architect may find that it can't be done or that it can't be done for the money available. The potential tenants may find other space. Etc, etc.

For the time being, the other two buildings 'in play,' the former G&P school on Upton Street and the former Longfellow School on Broadway are still being used by the School Department to support the high school renovations. Since those renovations will take two years, it would be tough for CPS to do anything else with those buildings until after the renovations are done. CPS may, at that point, let the City take ownership of the schools and then the City could figure out a reuse or disposal plan.

I'll let you know more as I learn it.



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