Biking email — sample

From: Craig Kelley []
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 6:56 AM
Subject: Bike Racks on Councl's Monday night agenda

FYI, folks. Come speak about this or related bike issues on Monday night at 5:30 at City Hall or email the Council at I haven't heard any more complaints about bikes being removed from signs or parking meters, so perhaps that issue has not resurfaced.

Also, the City, understandably, thinks that these bike racks really do hold two bikes, but my experience is that getting a second bike on them can be tricky, depending on how close they are to the curb, what type of bike is already there and so forth.

Finally, for those who care, I made it back from Bedford to Porter Square in 40 minutes and 38 seconds this morning on my recumbent. Great morning for a ride. I'll be doing a Century around the Quabbin on Sunday that should be fun.

Have a great weekend.


City Manager Letter

June 8, 2009

To the Honorable, the City Council:

In response to Awaiting Report Item Number 09-47, regarding a report on installing bicycle racks at 19 Brookline Street and other high traffic areas, Assistant City Manager for Community Development Beth Rubenstein reports the following:

With respect to a need for bike racks to serve the Multi-Service Center, the sidewalk in front of 19 Brookline Street (at the Multi-Service Center) is 6.5 feet in width. This does not leave sufficient room to install a bicycle rack while allowing the minimum 3 feet clearance required by access codes when a bicycle is parked at the rack. This would also not comply with the City of Cambridge's "Bicycle Parking Guidelines," which were developed to ensure adequate space for pedestrians on sidewalks.

To serve the bicycle parking needs of users of the Multi-Service Center, CDD staff has identified a nearby location where two racks could be installed on the corner of Brookline and Massachusetts Avenue in front of Hi-Fi Pizza. It is anticipated that these racks will be installed as part of the spring 2009 installation of 27 bicycle racks (accommodating 54 bicycles) at high-use locations around the city.

In addition, several existing bicycle racks are located near 19 Brookline Street. Thirteen racks are located on Mass. Avenue within one block of the Multi-Service Center with six at Rendezvous restaurant and seven at Mary Chung restaurant. Six additional racks are located on Pearl Street at the Central Square Public Library, which is approximately two blocks away, and three others are located at the Auburn Court housing development approximately two and one-half blocks away.

Staff is in the process of completing bike parking surveys of high traffic areas, including Harvard Square, Central Square and Inman Square. Surveys completed to date have indicated that there is not sufficient bicycle parking to meet the current demand.

CDD will be submitting a grant application in June for ARRA funds under the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants Program. This grant request will include a request to fund the installation of about 70 bicycle racks throughout the city.

Very truly yours,

Robert W. Healy

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