Area IV email — sample

From: Kelley, Craig
Sent: Friday, October 16, 2015 6:41 AM
Subject: Renaming Area IV on the Council's Monday night agenda

FYI, folks:

Per the letter’s link below, it’s close to a 50/50 split about whether Area IV should be renamed or not, though the data is a bit more nuanced than that.

If you’d like to come talk about this at City Council Monday night, you can sign up by phone between 9 AM and 3 PM on Monday at 617-3349-4290. You may also sign up in person at City Hall from 5-6:00 PM. Public comment, limited to three minutes per speaker, starts at 5:30(ish) and lasts at least until 6:00, though if there are enough speakers we often go later. At the end of public comment, people who missed the sign-in window are generally asked if they’d like to speak anyway.

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City Manager Letter

October 19, 2015

To the Honorable, the City Council:

Please find attached a response to Awaiting Report Item Number 15-17, regarding a report on the feasibility of renaming Area IV, received from Lee Gianetti, Director of Communication and Community Relations.

Very truly yours,

Richard C. Rossi

City Manager


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Craig Kelley with Hope sign