Cambridge Helicopter Noise Review

Depending on where you live, helicopter noise, much like airplane noise, can be really bothersome. My assistant, Wil Durbin, put together a very good memo that highlights the noise problems helicopters pose, the routes they travel, the relevant regulatory programs that might help us mitigate this issue and so forth. […] Read more »

Curbside Access, the Delivery Economy and the future of Transportation in Cambridge

How the future of retail, bicycling, ride-hailing and every other aspect of transportation in Cambridge will turn out depends not just on technological and demographic changes, but also on policy decisions and infrastructure investments made by City leaders. Few things are clearer to me than the fact that electric personal […] Read more »

The Future of Drones in Cambridge

As technology advances, drones will play an increasingly intrusive, useful, frightening, exciting and challenging role in our collective lives. Governments have trouble regulating quick-changing things in an effective manner so I asked my assistant, Wil Durbin, to draft a memo capturing some of the issues Cambridge might expect to see […] Read more »