Central Square and Kendall Square Reports Done

The final reports for the Kendall and Central Square studies (K2C2) are on line here:  http://www.cambridgema.gov/CDD/News/2013/12/k2c2finalreportsreleased.aspx There is a lot of meat in these reports and this coming Council term promises to provide some interesting and challenging zoning and development opportunities and discussions.  We all want various things for the […] Read more »

Central Square non-zoning discussion. Benches and more

The City Council’s Neighborhood & Long Term Planning Committee will discuss the C2 Committee’s non-zoning recommendations and potential options to make the neighborhood safer and more family-friendly at 5 PM on Tuesday, July 30 at City Hall.  If you can’t make this meeting, you can still email the City Clerk […] Read more »