Curbside Access, the Delivery Economy and the future of Transportation in Cambridge

How the future of retail, bicycling, ride-hailing and every other aspect of transportation in Cambridge will turn out depends not just on technological and demographic changes, but also on policy decisions and infrastructure investments made by City leaders. Few things are clearer to me than the fact that electric personal […] Read more »

Ride Sharing (Lyft/Uber) discussions

I thought you might be interested in this Committee Report on the feasibility of the City’s establishing agreements with rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.  There are a couple of Orders in the Report that ask the City to try to come up with a better solution than the somewhat […] Read more »

Longfellow Bridge closure starts in mid-July

Longfellow Bridge Notes  5/16/13- taken by Craig Kelley, Cambridge City Council.  Please excuse any errors. You can get more official, if less elegantly written, information at the project’s website. This project will start in July with the closure of the bridge to all outbound traffic (into Cambridge), the dropping of […] Read more »