Personal Storage spaces for Homeless Residents

One of the many challenges people without traditional housing face is how to secure valuables. Whether it’s jewelry, money or documents that people don’t want to take into a shelter or personal keepsakes that won’t last well in an outdoor environment, having a place to put stuff where you don’t […] Read more »

Short-Term Rentals and their impacts in Cambridge

As the access economy (also called, in something like a misnomer, the ‘sharing’ economy) expands, new ways to access old things present a stream of new challenges for regulatory authorities. In a high value real estate market like Cambridge, short-term rentals such as Airbnb and Flipkey offer opportunities for property owners […] Read more »

Folks: I thought you would be interested in the minutes from last October’s City Council Roundtable on Opioid abuse and addiction, which I have attached. This is really scary and wide-ranging stuff with a very distinct impact in Cambridge, especially in Central Square. Along those lines, I had a fascinating […] Read more »

Central Square non-zoning discussion. Benches and more

The City Council’s Neighborhood & Long Term Planning Committee will discuss the C2 Committee’s non-zoning recommendations and potential options to make the neighborhood safer and more family-friendly at 5 PM on Tuesday, July 30 at City Hall.  If you can’t make this meeting, you can still email the City Clerk […] Read more »