CPD safety planning for various events

These are the notes from a meeting I had years ago on how CPD plans to address safety issues at large events. A lot of thought, training, equipment purchases and so forth go into this ever-evolving issue. The link to the meeting is here: http://www2.cambridgema.gov/cityClerk/CommitteeReport.cfm?action=search&instance_id=865       Read more »

Folks: I thought you would be interested in the minutes from last October’s City Council Roundtable on Opioid abuse and addiction, which I have attached. This is really scary and wide-ranging stuff with a very distinct impact in Cambridge, especially in Central Square. Along those lines, I had a fascinating […] Read more »

Craig’s Notes on Violent Homegrown Extremism

Councilor Craig Kelley’s Notes on Homegrown Violent Extremism meeting 20 May, 2015 (these are my notes from the meeting with some post-meeting editing.  I have not vetted them with anyone else so there may be mistakes or misstatements for which I am solely responsible)   Homegrown Violent Extremism (HVE) Presentation […] Read more »

Craig’s thoughts on the crises facing policing today

America today faces multiple crises in policing.  One is the Ferguson-style crisis, where excessive police violence disproportionately impacts minority communities.  The other is the NYC-style crisis, where officers are assassinated on the job.  In between, massive motorcycle gang gun battles, Homegrown Violent Extremists and routine traffic stops create a mix […] Read more »

The Face of Public Safety is Changing

At a recent CPD event I attended, Commissioner Haas noted that the face of Cambridge policing changed the moment the first bomb went off at the Boston Marathon. Subsequent events in Cambridge, the ongoing discussion of surveillance cameras and CPD vehicle mounted license plate readers and previous events ranging from […] Read more »