Micromobility, laws, sidewalks and Cambridge

As things that are ‘not quite’ bikes but are certainly not cars grow in number and abilities, understanding where they can safely and efficiently mesh with our urban fiber and transportation systems is crucial. We need new laws, new infrastructure, maybe new insurance programs, new…. And we also have to […] Read more »

Curbside Access, the Delivery Economy and the future of Transportation in Cambridge

How the future of retail, bicycling, ride-hailing and every other aspect of transportation in Cambridge will turn out depends not just on technological and demographic changes, but also on policy decisions and infrastructure investments made by City leaders. Few things are clearer to me than the fact that electric personal […] Read more »

Marcia Deihl fatal bike crash reports

This past September, when the Cambridge Police Department could not give us detailed information about the crash that killed Marcia Deihl on March 11, 2015, my assistant, Wil Durbin started asking the DA for the crash reports. It’s taken awhile, but today we received them. The short story is that […] Read more »

Bike infrastructure and safety issues

This Council Order (pasted below), on Monday’s agenda, is the latest in a flurry of Council activity asking for more protected bike infrastructure. Good, safe bicycle infrastructure, which includes protected bike lanes where appropriate and well designed, is critical to meeting Cambridge’s urban transportation needs, along with good, safe pedestrian […] Read more »