Personal Storage spaces for Homeless Residents

One of the many challenges people without traditional housing face is how to secure valuables. Whether it’s jewelry, money or documents that people don’t want to take into a shelter or personal keepsakes that won’t last well in an outdoor environment, having a place to put stuff where you don’t […] Read more »

Micromobility, laws, sidewalks and Cambridge

As things that are ‘not quite’ bikes but are certainly not cars grow in number and abilities, understanding where they can safely and efficiently mesh with our urban fiber and transportation systems is crucial. We need new laws, new infrastructure, maybe new insurance programs, new…. And we also have to […] Read more »

CPD safety planning for various events

These are the notes from a meeting I had years ago on how CPD plans to address safety issues at large events. A lot of thought, training, equipment purchases and so forth go into this ever-evolving issue. The link to the meeting is here:       Read more »

Cambridge Rat Discussion

Here are my notes from a meeting the City had about rat issues on 3 October. When a rat complaint is made, Inspection Services Department (ISD) is notified about the concerns and they let staff know. ISD will investigate an area and look at trash cans out on the road, […] Read more »