Craig’s Street (and Sidewalk) Safety Pledge

My pledge is to support anything that make Cambridge streets and sidewalks safer for all of us. And to oppose things that make them more dangerous. It’s that simple.

As a father and husband of a family of people who ride bikes and walks everywhere they go (we haven’t owned a car for over a decade), nothing is more important to me than street and sidewalk safety. I have been riding, walking and driving around Cambridge long enough to know that making our streets and sidewalks as safe as possible is a real challenge but it is a challenge I will not compromise on. Accordingly, I was unwilling to sign a bike lane pledge this election, as I was last election, because, absent being able to review plans for the proposed bike lanes (especially along North Mass Ave), I have no faith that the bike lanes will make anyone safer. In fact, getting rid of the North Mass Ave Median Strip would make the Avenue much more dangerous for everyone and is a plan I successfully opposed many years ago. I cannot take any pledge that might support removing the median strip and thus make my life, the lives of those I love the most and the lives of all my neighbors more dangerous as they use the Avenue.

I have offered to work with Cambridge Bike Safety advocates on a variety of bike-safety related issues, from better traffic enforcement and education to better street maintenance to better infrastructure, including protected bike lanes where they improve street safety, but I cannot, in good faith, sign onto any pledge that is likely to make Cambridge’s streets and sidewalks more dangerous.

My letter to Cambridge Bike Safety is attached below with an expanded explanation of why I cannot sign the pledge and how I hope they will work with me in the future to make our streets and sidewalks safer for all of us.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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