Craig’s Notes on the Cambridge 2018 Urban Freight Forum

Urban Freight, mostly trucking, poses a variety of challenges from a congestion and safety standpoint for Cambridge. Learn more about what we can and can’t do here. And if you are biking or walking near a big truck, be super alert to what that truck, or bus, might do, especially how it might turn, because the driver may not see you and no amount of paint on the street telling you where to be is going to keep you safe if you are not seen.


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  1. milanv says:

    The oversize freight trucks are scary to motorists on the highways and interstates, but they have absolutely no business making deliveries in inner cities. I see it in Cambridge every day – oversize freight truck trying to make a turn on a narrow street, running over the sidewalks on the corner, backing up, forcing waiting traffic to back up so they can get thru. The one-size freight truck from start point to final delivery point may be efficient for the trucking companies, but it disregards the wasted time by other traffic, more noise, air pollution, road damage, blocked delivery spots – and killed pedestrians or bikers.

    The trucking lobby has been so successful at fighting the side barriers, truck size, and weight restrictions – all in the name of efficiency, i.e. profits – while roads get obliterated and people get killed. I cringe every time I’m driving on the interstate, and even if you go 70 mph, you get passed by an 18-wheeler semis going 80 mph, and you would end up right underneath it if you get out of the lane.

    If European (or Japanese or S. Korean) trucks can handle their freight profitably using safe and efficient trucks, we should be allowed and able to do it too.

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