Review of Traffic Enforcement and Bike Safety Data

Here is a memo I submitted to the Council on 4 December explaining how reviewing collision and traffic enforcement data can give us new and useful insights into making biking as safe as possible in Cambridge.


Download (PDF, 254KB)

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  1. GENTLEMAN says:

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  2. Craig Kelley says:

    Great stuff, Paul, thanks.

  3. JenniferFries says:

    It seems to me that the focus of Vision Zero enforcement should be on cars and trucks, the vehicles that actually kill several people each year. A focus on enforcement of the 25 MPH speed limit, including traffic calming measures for the back streets, and enforcing the distracted driving laws, would go a long way toward making the streets safer. As a pedestrian, I am sometimes annoyed by cyclists, but I am afraid of drivers who are looking at their phones, speeding, or both.

    The right and left hook intersection issues (which also happen to pedestrians) could be ameliorated by having bicycle signals and pedestrian signals before cars at those intersections, with car traffic turning at a different time than bikes and pedestrians.

    I also wonder about whether Cambridge can look at other cities that have restricted hours for 18 wheeler trucks to make deliveries.

  4. PaulSchimek says:

    This is a great first step. In terms of enforcement, there is more useful analysis of the Cambridge ticketing data here:
    Also I remember years ago seeing the Cambridge municipal ticket book (this was before the system was changed to use the regular ticket book). It had entries for Bicycle on Sidewalk, Bicycle too Fast on Sidewalk, Red Light violation, but nothing about wrong way cycling. Along with failure to use a headlight at night, I would put wrong-way riding up there on the list of things to enforce.

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