Curbside Access, the Delivery Economy and the future of Transportation in Cambridge

How the future of retail, bicycling, ride-hailing and every other aspect of transportation in Cambridge will turn out depends not just on technological and demographic changes, but also on policy decisions and infrastructure investments made by City leaders. Few things are clearer to me than the fact that electric personal vehicles (you can read my 2013 post about YikeBikes elsewhere on this blog) and the rapid home delivery of just about anything you could ever want are going to shape our City, most directly its various transit systems, in interesting ways. Figuring out how to turn “interesting” into “interesting and good” will take a lot of research, public dialogues and reflective discussions in the immediate future to make sure we’ve laid the groundwork to make good decisions further down the line.

Read the memo posted below to learn more about my specific thoughts.



Download (PDF, 855KB)

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  3. IreneHartford says:

    Thanks for the notes Craig. I actually prefer viaducts rather than at grade crossings for pedestrians – much safer. I realize that it’s more of a problem for bicyclists but all in all safer for both pedestrians and bicyclists. Unfortunately, we live in an age of very inpatient, aggressive drivers who run lights, block intersections, etc. and honestly getting across the street as a pedestrian in Cambridge is difficult at times. Also, a lot of bicyclists don’t pay attention to the rules of the road and I’ve almost been hit by a bicyclist several times while crossing at a red light only to have a bicyclist come flying through the red light as I am getting of the curb.

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