Dog Park issues continue to develop

On Monday, 24 June, the City Council considered, and then voted down, two Orders that specifically asked that when the Dog Park Working Group starts looking at off-leash options, it look specifically at Sacramento Field in the Agassiz neighborhood and Lowell School Park in West Cambridge.  My feeling is that we are establishing a dog parking working group to figure this stuff out and we ought to at least give the Committee a chance to do its job before making suggestions.  While I love dogs and places for dogs to play and romp, not everyone likes that and for folks who live next door to an existing (legal or illegal) off-use area, the noise from barking dogs, car doors slamming shut and people talking with each other or yelling at their dogs at 6:15 can be pretty bothersome.

You can get more information about existing (legal) off-leash options here.

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