The 2016-2017 Cambridge City Council term has been busy and productive, with many professional and personal rewards. While I’ve accomplished a lot in the past term on the City Council, I need your help to accomplish even more in the next term.

Accomplishments on the City Council, 2016-2017

  • Regulate Short-Term Rentals — an Ordinance in Progress
    I have been working on an ordinance to make short-term rentals like AirBnB legal, safe and fair. I expect it to pass this summer.
    Background: this will (1) create a legal framework for short-term room rentals, (2) protect neighborhoods from rental speculators, and (3) preserve long-term rental stock.
  • Limit Fire Risk by Banning Smoking on Construction Sites — an Ordinance that Passed
    In 2017 the Council unanimously passed my Ordinance. All Cambridge is safer as a result.
    Background: two major Cambridge job-site fires were linked to improper handling of smoking material.
  • Combat Running Bamboo, an Invasive Species — an Ordinance that Passed
    The Council unanimously passed my Ordinance requiring property owners to manage running bamboo. Background: A constituent’s property was becoming overrun by a neighbor's bamboo. Climate change is increasing problems with invasive species like bamboo.
  • Improve bicycle safety — working with stakeholders across the City and beyond
    Background: methods include (1) promote street-grade protected bike lanes and (2) analyze details of police traffic citations. The goal is to have a more-effective, data-driven traffic safety program.
  • Chaired the Mayor’s Special Advisory Committee on Neighborhood-Based Resiliency
    Background: I’ve helped explore what makes our neighborhood and our City resilient. And helped develop new ideas and approaches to keep Cambridge viable as a community of innovators and neighbors.

Personal Accomplishments, 2016-2017

  • Sent my eldest son to college. The analytical thinking and social skills he learned in our public schools have helped his success.
  • Watched my younger son transition through Cambridge Rindge and Latin School to become a senior. Studying Arabic, physics, theater and more at CRLS helps him build a base of 21st Century skills.
  • Biked from Houlton, ME to Washington, DC to learn more about our country, its challenges and its opportunities. Along the way, I asked dozens of people what worried them and what made them feel safe. The answers help me understand how Cambridge fits in with the rest of the world.
  • Became a Harvard Research Fellow in Metropolitan Resiliency and Democratic Institutions. I focus on how modern governments can build resiliency and respond to short-term political challenges.

2017 Campaign for City Council

I am eager to bring my experience and education passions to City Hall for another term. My focus will be:

  • Help Cambridge create a better future for all of its residents, with special emphasis on equity, street safety and transparent, inclusive governance.
  • Build a more collaborative City/school relationship.
  • Develop safety programs that reflect address the social and climate change challenges we all face and which we must solve together.

I Need Your Help

Like my last election, I will not succeed without your help. Whether it's hosting a campaign party for me, telling your neighbors and friends why you support me, donating money, putting up a yard sign or helping me knock on doors, this is a campaign I can only win as part of a team.

Craig Kelley with Hope sign


Event — September 15

Come help me celebrate running again for Cambridge City Council and turning 55 — at Joe Sent Me, 2388 Mass Ave, on Friday, 15 September from 6:30-9:00 PM. We'll have food, a cash bar and plenty of great people to talk with. And cake!