It is hard to believe, but it’s been almost two years since I was re-elected to Cambridge City Council in 2017. While I can’t say enough to thank everyone who helped me during that campaign, I similarly have trouble expressing adequate appreciation for everyone who has made this 2018-19 Council term so successful.

This term I:
  • wrote new zoning to create more market-rate housing
  • helped pass the first municipal surveillance ordinance on the East Coast
  • preserved our tree canopy by working to strengthen Cambridge’s tree protection ordinance
  • organized multiple events to explore how new forms of urban mobility can help Cambridge conquer congestion
  • worked to ensure that equity guides Cambridge’s actions in everything from bicycle enforcement to educational results to marijuana sales.
Where the City has been right, I’ve been actively supportive, but I stood up when I felt the City was heading in the wrong direction:
  • I opposed the misguided destruction of Inman Square’s Vellucci Plaza because it does not promote bicycle safety, removed numerous mature trees and continues to expand in cost.
  • I was vocal and specific in my objections to a school budget that promises to continue the unequal educational results we’ve seen for generations.
  • I used the City’s Open Data source to illustrate how our police, wonderful in so many ways, are not doing enough to promote traffic safety.

Combining data with my professional experience in governance — and my experiences as a father, husband, and neighbor — I make informed, independent decisions. I am more than willing to stand by myself when I feel the majority is heading in the wrong direction.

As with everything else in my life, I have done none of this on my own. The passion and expertise people have shared when talking about climate change, tree protection, social equity, and the importance of housing they can afford informs each one of my votes. And that passion and expertise — the public’s desire to create a stronger, more equitable Cambridge that is ready for the ever-changing challenges of the 21st Century — is what I hope many of you will bring to my current re-election campaign. This level of support is the reason I can run a successful campaign for less than one-quarter of what some of my competitors spend — your faith in me is more important than money when it comes to local politics.

Like past elections, the upcoming election season promises to be an exciting, if sometimes bumpy, journey. I look forward to making it with you and, after a successful race, continuing to work with you to build the best Cambridge possible.

Craig Kelley with Hope sign