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2013 campaign a great success — Thank you!

9 working days after it started, the Cambridge City Council recount ended on 12 December with pretty much the same results we saw on 5 November. With the help of many friends and volunteers, I got 1093 #1 votes and was counted onto the Council number seven of nine. I am particularly proud of the fact that my campaign spent about $5,000 while others spent over $65,000. Unlike many of my competitors, the vast majority of my financing came from people actually living in Cambridge and our numbers were stable or up pretty much across the City compared to 2011. Overall, it was an exciting and rewarding campaign and I can’t thank my supporters enough for allowing me the privilege of serving another term.

Thanks so much.


2013 City Council Campaign

It's not yet final, but it looks like (based on preliminary results) I got on, along with both Dennises (what is the plural of Dennis?), Nadeem, Marc, Leland, David, Tim and Denise. Thanks to all who helped make it happen and congratulations to everyone who made Quota and my best wishes to those who ran but did not make Quota. Democracy only works when people are willing to run, so thanks to everyone who participated!

Special thanks to my wife, Hope, for all of her hard work on the logistical side of things, without whom no signs would have gone up and no fliers would have been distributed. Thanks also to my Campaign Manager, CRLS sophomore Will MacArthur, for making sure I stayed on task. Without his pushing me along, I'd still be telling people about my bike trip to Erie.

And a huge thanks to the hundreds of people who donated money, took signs, passed out fliers, held signs, talked me up to their friends and did all those other things that showed that, as I like to say, friends and neighbors speak louder than money.

Thanks so much.


I've been a City Councilor for almost eight years and they have been great years. With the help of local residents, City staff, fellow Councilors, my family and others, I've worked to make Cambridge a healthier, more sustainable place for all of us. If elections are a referendum on how well one is doing as an elected official, I am excited that my campaign costs have dropped from over $40,000 in 2005 to below $10,000 in 2009 to just over $6,000 in 2011 while my incumbent peers have continued to outspend me by forty, fifty, sixty thousand dollars or more. I hope to continue that trend in this campaign — I would like to, once again, spend less than $10,000 and get even more #1 votes than I did last time. With your help, this will happen.

In the current term, I have continued to focus on:

  • Proactive, issue-oriented email communication that informs people about City issues that are important to them, from schools to dogs to crime and beyond.
  • Better educational experiences for all of our children.
  • Safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Safer sidewalks for pedestrians.
  • More effective community-based policing efforts.
  • A more transparent City government.
  • A comprehensive housing policy.
  • Better traffic management and enforcement programs.

You will get a good idea of what I've been doing and what I believe in by spending some time on my website and reading some of the letters and emails I've written over the years, as well as viewing the reports of the various Committee meetings I've chaired.

Over the years, the City has made progress on the issues I care about, but there is much more to do. The Department of Public Works (DPW) needs to focus still more efforts on marking and fixing sidewalk and street hazards, the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) should expand its traffic enforcement efforts and invite the public to become true partners in street safety by making public enforcement numbers, the Cambridge Public School Department (CPS) needs to devote more resources to address school climate issues and the City as a whole needs to develop a sustainable growth strategy that balances quality of life issues with the need to maintain a healthy tax base.

While the Cambridge economy is currently booming, our current and future fiscal positions pose significant challenges to maintaining the level of services and capital investment we have become used to. In an effort to model fiscal restraint, and to free up money for more worthwhile programs, I have declined the City-funded personal assistant and consistently use a fraction of my allotted travel and training funds. Councilors, I feel, should show that we can do more with less, just as we're asking the rest of the City to do.

Beyond modeling what I think good government represents, in my fifth term, I will:

  • Continue to use emails and personal meetings as a way to inform Cambridge residents and businesses of important local issues.
  • Continue to push for more transparency in local government.
  • Continue to use the City's budget as an opportunity to highlight where I see both strengths and weaknesses in our government.
  • Continue to lead by example in promoting alternative transportation and creating more effective public schools.
  • Keep challenging the City to develop data on quality of life issues, such as noise and traffic enforcement, so that we can all better understand the City's efforts on our behalf.
  • Remain a voice on City Council that is willing to question the status quo when there appears to be a different, and better, way of doing things.

I ask for your support and your NUMBER 1 VOTE once more this November 5th. It won't be an easy race, but by working together we can make sure that the things we care about continue to have a passionate advocate at City Hall.

Sincerely, Craig A. Kelley, Cambridge City Council

Craig Kelley home
6 Saint Gerard Terrace
Cambridge, MA 02140
phone: 617-354-8353

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